2. Getting Started

2.1 Installing & Launching the Systemic Coder

The latest version of the Systemic Coder is 4.68, released May 2005.  Download as described below:

On all platforms, you should be presented with a startup window, which will eventually offer the options to "Import Text File", "Load Codings" or "Quit". If you are not offered these options, review the steps above to see where you went wrong. If you cannot solve it, email me and I will attempt to address your problems. Most likely it is a problem with the installation of Tcl-Tk.

2.2 Installing MDraw (Windows only)

One of the options for saving your system networks (schemes) is the '.pdx' fomat. This is a graphics format which can be read by another program, Mayura Draw. Mayura Draw allows you to further export the diagram in a number of formats, such as pdf, jpg, gif, eps (Encapsulated Postscript), and wmf (Windows MetaFile), etc.

 Use the "Export" option under Mayura's File menu. Eps and wmf formats can be inserted into MS Word or other word processor documents. Note: eps figures can only be printed to a laser printer. In most cases, MS Word will not know how to display them, but can still print them to a laser printer. Wmf files can be inserted into MS Word documents, and will print on postscript or inkjet printers. To insert either file form, select "Picture" from the Word's "Insert" menu. For more detail click here.

Mayura Draw also allows export in PDF format, which is a good format for distributing to other people, as PDF can be viewed and printed on most platforms using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download, see: www.adobe.com).

 To obtain MDraw, see  www.mayura.com.

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