8. Statistics


This section will outline how to use the statistics pane. An instance of this pane appears in figure 7.

Figure 7: The Statistics Pane.

Type: At present, only descriptive statistics are available. (Soon, I will add the ability to compare two RST analyses).

Include: This popup menu allows you to choose between:

Note that we are counting in terms of how a text element links to its parent, so that a joint relation over three satelites will count as three Joint relations. If there is demand to count each Joint structure as 1 instance, I will add an option for this.

Show Results: hit this button to perform the calculations and display the results.

Save Results: Hit this button to save the results to a file.

[NEW] Proportion of Nuc^Sat to Sat^Nuc: This last column shows the proportion of the instances of this relation in which the nucleus preceeds the satelite, and visa versa. This information is important for people attempting to model satelite placement for different relations.