9. Document Sets

For larger studies, it is useful to be able to code a number of documents as separate coder files, and then load them all in at the same time, for corpus search (Review) or statistical analysis.

Version 4.4 of the coder introduced 'Document Sets' which allow this. In this mode, you can use the Review and Statistics interface, but not edit the codings, or the scheme.

9.1 Activating Document Sets

The Document Sets menu is not automatically available. To enable Document Sets, choose "Enable Document Sets"
from the "Options" menu. This will add a new menu "Document Sets".

9.2 Creating a Document Set

Firsly, you need to have a number of .cd2 or .cd3 files. These should all share the same scheme in some way. This could be because they all share a common master scheme. If they files all have the schemes embedded, you should make sure that the networks are equivalent (features spelt the same way, same configuration of systems).

Once you have your files prepared, select "Create New Set" from the "Document Set" menu. You will be prompted for a filename, which is where the information about the document set will be saved. The filename must end in .dst.

Once you have created the .dst file, you will be prompted to name the files which you wish to add to the set.

9.3 Opening an Existing Document Set

You can open an existing document set by selecting "Use Existing Set" from the "Document Set" menu. You will be asked to select a document set file (.dst). The document set defined by that file will be loaded in.

If you move the folder containing a document set (e.g., from one machine to another, or from one folder to another on the same machine), then the Coder will not be able to find the files defined in the document set. The Coder defines the absolute location of files. If you move the document set, you will need to re-create the .dst file from scratch, with the "Create New Set" command.

9.4 Adding or Deleting files from a Document Set

Once you have opened a document set, you can add or delete files from the  set by selecting "Add/Delete Files" from the "Document Set" menu.

9.5 Refreshing Data

Once a Document Set is loaded, you cannot edit the codings. If you wish to edit codings while a document set is open, open a second copy of the Coder, and edit the coding files in that program. Within the program with the document set, use the "Refresh Data" option to reload the changed files.

9.6 Launching a Document Set by Double Clicking

On the Windows version, you can launch a document set by double clicking on any .dst file. The document set will open in a new copy of the Coder.
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